Tocco Magico Protecting Shampoo


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A gentle cleanser for color and chemically treated hair, effectively transforming dull lifeless hair, to a restored shine and energy with a light and pleasant fragrance.

Hair becomes restructured into a smooth, shiny and silky finish.


Contains Defense eco Skin protection system characterized by eco-certified (certified eco friendly) ingredients with dual functions.

Protects the hands and alleviates skin irritation.

Contains a Phyto-milk a combination of rich essential oils (Nigella sativa oil and Sesamum indicum oil), Aloe Vera and Betaine which provide moisturizing, soothing, emollient and a nutrient effect on the skin protecting it from dehydration.

The organic essential Cedar Oil (Cedrus Atlantica) provides a revitalizing action promoting a sense of strength and energy.




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