GiGi Flex Wax Coconut Honeel 14 oz


Get healthy, glowing, hair-free skin with GiGi’s exclusive Flex Wax™ – Coconut Honee! A unique WAX experience that takes out unwanted hair effortlessly and leaves skin thoroughly nourished. Specially formulated to give you total hair removal waxing control and is infused with health-giving coconut and honey extracts.


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  • Coconut Honey Hair Removal Wax: Silky-smooth, radiant skin right here, right now! The Gigi Flex Wax™ – Coconut Honee is packed with the wholesome goodness of natural ingredients. Infused with coconut and honey extracts for maximum moisturizing effect and skin protection. Leaves your or your client’s skin feeling flawlessly fair and hair-free!
  • Flexible Wax Application: The best of both worlds! GiGi’s Flex Wax™ – Coconut Honee features a unique consistency that gives you total control with each waxing session. Get the pliability of soft wax without needing waxing strips. Always flexible, never brittle! Effectively removes fine to coarse hair.
  • Beautiful Skin All Over: The best hair removal wax choice for any skin type, for men and women! The GiGi Flex Wax™ – Coconut Honee works wonders for normal to sensitive skin. Gets into every corner and takes out even the most stubborn hair from hard-to-reach places!
  • Trusted By The Pros: Only the very best results for you and your clients! The GiGi Flex Wax™ – Coconut Honee is a must-have for your hair removal waxing kit. Whether you’re a wax studio professional or an at-home DIY beauty diva, you’ll get exactly the results you want on each glam wax session! Try this Flex Wax™ and feel the difference!

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