ORIUNDO Natural Life / Nail Fungus Away (Quita Hongos para Uñas) 0.5 Oz New USA


Oriundo Life is a toenail solution made in the USA and well known for its success. Oriundo Life has an exclusive formula made of 9 components that has help many people around the globe restore nails to their optimal condition. The success of this treatment is the consistency in which it is use, for best results It must be used a minimum of twice per day during 3 months approximately. Most of our customers have reported visible results after the 4th week. Presentation: Enamel with applicator 16ml/0.5 Fl oz. Before applying, wash your feet or hands with water and soap, dry well and apply enamel on the affected area.

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    • Repair Solution for Thick, Broken, and Discolored Nails.
    • Revitalizes Damaged and Cracked Ingrown Toenail.
    • Helps improve the appearance of damaged nails by reducing discoloration, thickness, and brittleness while providing hydration and exfoliation.
    • Regenerate, and hydrate nails, providing a comprehensive solution for toenail care.
    • Say goodbye to embarrassing nails with Oriundo Life toenail solution that helps restore nails to their optimal condition.

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