Tocco Magico Delight Plus Bleaching Powder 500g


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Dust free powder for complete total lightening and high lightening.

Allows a lightening to lift up to 7-8 levels

DeLight Plus Powder contains:

Blue pigments, which reduce unwanted yellow undertones resulting from lightening. Cyamopsis tetragonoloba gum, which protects and nourishes hair during lightening process.

Cationic conditioners, which invigorate hair fibers and are also suitable for the lightening of course hair.



Mixing ratio: 1:1
One part powder + 1 part DeLight OXI Plus.
Determinate the quantity of product to use based to length and the service. Rinse thoroughly and apply DeLight After Treatment. Processing time: up to 45 minutes according to desired level of lift with dedicated plus developer.
Lifting Action: up o 7-8 levels of lift, depending
on developer
volume selected.





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