Tocco Magico FREELUX


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Hair color without Ammonia, PPD, Resorcinol, Petroleum derivatives and Allergen.

Provides bright colors that are stable and long lasting

Natural active ingredients that are organic and eco-certified.

Guaranteed protection, moisture and a long lasting shine

Product contains tsubaki oil, hyaluronic acid, rosa seed oil, ceramides, Boswells errata extract, Indian incense, aloe gel, rice oil, and arginine.

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0.0 Neutral, 10.0 Platinum Blond, 10.01 Platinum Cool Blond, 10.1 Platinum Ash Blond, 10.11 Platinum Intense Ash Blond, 10.3 Golden Platinum Blond, 5.04 Cocoa, 5.11 Light Intense Ash Chestnut, 5.4 Light Copper Chestnut, 5.6 Light Red Chestnut, 6.11 Dark Intense Ash Blond, 6.4 Dark Copper Blond, 6.6 Dark Red Blond, 7.11 Intense Ash Blond, 7.6 Red Blonde, 8.01 Light Cool Blond, 8.11 Light Intense Ash Blond, 9.01 Very Light Cool Blond, 1.0 Black, 1000 Ultra Light Blond, 1001 Ultra Light Ash Blond, 1003 Ultra Light Golden Blond, 3.0 Dark Chestnut, 4.0 Chestnut, 4.53 Chocolate, 5.0 Light Chestnut, 5.01 Light Cool Chestnut, 5.3 Light Golden Chestnut, 6.0 Dark Blond, 6.01 Dark Cool Blond, 6.04 Tobacco, 6.1 Dark Ash Blond, 6.3 Dark Golden Blond, 7.0 Blond, 7.01 Cool Blond, 7.05 Hazelnut, 7.3 Golden Blond, 7.4 Copper Blond, 8.0 Light Blond, 8.1 Light Ash Blond, 8.3 Light Golden Blond, 9.0 Very Light Blond, 9.3 Very Light Golden Blond




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