Truss Curly Light Leave-in 250 ml


Curl activator for curly or wavy hair . Truss Curly Light defines curls in a natural way and reduces volume and frizz. Truss Curly Light allows your curls to have a fixed and disciplined shape while restoring softness and shine to your hair. With it, your hair becomes incredibly structured and healthy , with long- lasting vitality. Application Apply a small amount of the finisher on the palm of your hands and distribute it over the lengths and ends of wet hair. Then, dry your hair with a hair dryer and style as you wish.


Curl Activator Leave-in for a matte finish. Definition, softness and shine. Defines curls in wavy and curly hair, reduces volume providing softness and shine. A great ally for undisciplined, dry hair and split-ends prevention.




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