Cuticle Nippers and Clippers Titanium, Cobalt, Stainless Steel; Springless




Body Toolz has a complete line of professional cuticle nippers for trimming, cutting and tidying up hangnails.  High quality stainless steel nail clippers are easy to use and are extremely sharp.  Soft Touch Nippers offer a soft non-slip grip for maximum comfort.  For professional or home use.


Body Toolz

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1/2 Jaw Nipper CS8105, 1/2 Jaw Scissor Style Cuticle Nipper, 1/2 Jaw Titanium Nipper CS8039, 1/4 Jaw Titanium Cuticle Nipper CS8038, Acrylic Nipper CS8095, Titanium Ingrown Toe Nail Clipper CS7015, Titanium Toe Nail Clipper CS7016, Toenail Clipper 5 1/2" CS6030


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